What to Look for in a Storage Company

With the holidays and winter in full swing many of us having family coming into town. Or you’re trying to make room for the newest christmas tree to your collection. Whatever the reason, the holidays are typically prime time for seeking additional storage. This year don’t cram your extra belongings into your garage or basement. Check out a professional storage company! We understand that if you’ve never had your belongings stored you might have a few questions. That’s why in today’s post we’re going to share with you what to look for in a storage company. And hopefully that will give you the know how and confidence to go out and find the best storage solution for you! Let’s begin!

What to look for in a Storage Company

  • The Fine Print

Storage is a booming industry in Colorado, because of this there’s no shortage of options. When trying to pin down the best option for you – it’s important that you read the fine print. Some storage facilities will offer deals like first month free/first month $5/half off first month, etc. While these deals might seem appealing it’s important make sure you understand the fine print. Make sure you’re not signing a contract that has excessive cancelation fees or hidden fees.

  • Look for Experience

When looking at storage options there’s no shortage in the Denver Metro area. That’s because with the boom of the storage industry people are trying to get on board and make money as business owners. A downfall of new businesses is their lack of experience. This can cost you in the long run and end in an unpleasant situation. Because of this we recommend looking for a business that isn’t a fly-by-night operation, but rather, an established and reputable company.

If you’re looking for a storage company that will treat you right – look no further than Affordable Moving & Storage. Not only do we have years of experience but we will work with you so that you understand the fine print – there will be no surprises there! Contact our reputable team today!