Long Distance Moving Tips to Help Save Your Sanity

Whether you’re moving to the Denver Metro area or you’re preparing to make a move out of Colorado it’s no secret long distance moving can be stressful.  Between organizing, planning, living arrangements and not to mention the actual packing and moving part! It’s enough to send a usually even keeled individual into a panic.  That’s why at Affordable Moving & Storage we’re going to share with you our best long distance moving tips to help save your sanity.

Long Distance Moving Tips to Help Save Your Sanity

  • Write Detailed Labels on Boxes
  • Don’t Skimp on Packing Supplies
  • Use Proper Packing Supplies
  • Keep Necessities with You
  • Donate Food/Liquids
  • Hire Professionals

We thought these tips were worth sharing because they are often overlooked.  When labeling your boxes it’s important that you don’t end up sorting through thirty boxes simply marked, “kitchen” when really you just want your coffee maker!  It’s important that you not only pack things properly but you want to use packing supplies that is meant to help keep your belongings secure. Towels, sheets and blankets might be good in a pinch.  But packing paper is the best when it comes to packing glass and valuables.  When moving long distance we recommend keeping your necessities with you.  These are things that you generally use on a daily basis and will want once you’re in your new home. Another thing we recommend is that you donate the food and any liquids in your pantry to a charity.  This is because cans, boxes and containers take up a lot of room, are at risk for damage.  And they can end up weighing a lot.

Final Thoughts

Finally, hire professionals!  While it might seem tempting to do it all yourself one way to assure that your sanity will be intact when your stuff arrives is that you let the pros do the work.  Not only that but professionals are often bonded and insured meaning if there is any damage during the move you aren’t left high and dry. Are you looking for a moving company to help with your Denver move?  Contact our team at Affordable Moving & Storage and experience the difference for yourself!