What to do with Leftover Moving Supplies

It’s no secret that moving is a big part of our lives.  Not only do we get family and friends involved with the process but it can take weeks or months of careful planning and preparation.  In fact so much of our lives is consumed during the preparation of a move that very seldom does anyone make a plan for what to do afterwards.  Especially when it comes to all of your left over moving supplies!  That’s why in today’s post we’re going to share with you some helpful tips on what to do with leftover moving supplies!

What to do with Leftover Moving Supplies

1. Cardboard Castle

This is a no-brainer.  Chances are after your move you have an overabundance of cardboard, boxes, packing paper and don’t forget tape!  By reusing your leftover moving supplies to create a medieval work of art you are not only fulfilling childhood dreams but being economically savvy.  Not only that but a cardboard castle will bring you hours and hours of entertainment not only in the time it takes to set up but in the time you get to spend playing with said castle.

2. Reuse/Help a Friend

If cardboard architecture isn’t your thing another option you can consider is not only economic but also thoughtful.  Instead of throwing away your used boxes, packing paper and tape we recommend carefully packing it away into storage. This way the next time a friend or family member prepares to move you’ll help them save money by passing on your used boxes and supplies.

3. Recycle

For those who don’t have a degree in architecture or the space to store used boxes and packing supplies we recommend this option.  You can find places that recycle used packing supplies online or through community resources. Not only does recycling prevent wasting space in landfills it helps supply the production of post consumer resources.

We hope that this post has been insightful and inspiring.  Don’t forget to contact Affordable Moving and Storage for all of your moving needs!  Request a quote here.

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