Moving to a New Home: DIY or Hire Professionals?

You’ve received good news your contract on the apartment, condo or house has been accepted!  Now that you have your move-in date it’s time to get everything in order to make moving in as streamline as possible.  You may begin by asking yourself the age old question – do you hire professional movers or bribe friends and family to help you move?  We’ve compiled a brief comparison of the two scenarios for your enjoyment and to possibly help you make your decision.

Moving with Friends

During the initial scheduling your friends are thrilled by your news that you’re moving to a new location.  Only to reveal they will most likely be unavailable to help you move or if they can help it’s usually for a brief window of time – not only that but your friends with full size vehicles seem to have fallen off the face of the earth – curious.  On moving day you find yourself questioning why you aren’t a minimalist as you proceed to fit what you can into the economic sized cars belonging to your friends that did show up.  After it’s all said and done your new place smells like the eight pizzas you purchased to appease your helpers and for the life of you you can’t seem to find that one box you need – you know you loaded it into someone’s car and it made it to your new place, right?

With Professionals

During the initial scheduling not only do the professional movers seem happy to help they didn’t even ask about being provided with pizza.  As moving day approaches you have the assurance of knowing just when the movers will show up to help.  On moving day you’re met by experienced professionals who have access to appropriately sized vehicles for the job.  When the move is complete you can be sure nothing was lost during transit, your friendships are still intact and your new place isn’t inaugurated with the smell of pizza.

Give Affordable Moving a Call  for the Best Move

While it may be fun to leave the quality of your move up to chance ultimately we recommend hiring professionals to get the job done right.  As a family owned and operated business we understand how important a move can be – we’re here to make the process as streamlined as possible!

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